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Bend, OR
The city of Bend, Oregon is located in central Oregon. Overlooking the city are the Cascade Mountains, with their amazing stance and crisp white peaks. The city is unique and ever changing. It is one of the state's fastest growing cities. It has a population that is over 77,750. With this number of people, you are sure to find a number of unique activities fit for just about anyone that wants to visit. Throughout the year, you will find many things to do and see. With a strong economy, a passion for outdoor life and a yearning for the next big challenge, Bend, Oregon has plenty to offer visitors here.

The Outdoor Paradise

Perhaps the main reason for coming to Bend, Oregon is the outdoor activities and year round recreation that is available here. You will find that, because of its location, there is something to do outdoors at any time of the year. When you arrive in the city, one of the first things you will notice is the scenery around you. A look around will highlight the expanse of wilderness and the towering peaks of the Cascade Mountains just off in the distance. While you can and should venture into some skiing there, there are many other outdoor activities available in the city as well. Here are some options available:

&bul; Golfing: The city offers several golf courses, both private and municipal, which give you high quality golfing excitement. You can rent the golf clubs you need here, practice with locals or even take a few lessons on these fully featured courses.

Fishing: For those that love freshwater fishing, a number of streams, lakes and rivers will help you to enjoy the thrill. A wide variety of fish is available, including some of the largest you will find in the area. You can rent a fishing charter, which will provide you with all of the elements you need to enjoy the trip including all of your gear.

Hiking and Biking: Once you get up into the hills and mountains either by hiking or biking the trails, you won't go anywhere else. The majestic look around you is sure to be empowering. You can rent the equipment you need at the foot of the mountain. In addition, you can even take guided expeditions up the mountains.

Kayaking And Water Sports: The water sport options here are many, and each provides a unique experience on the water. You will find all of the equipment you need readily available at various locations throughout the waterways.

For skiing fun, be sure to consider the options. You can visit Mount Bachelor Ski Resort, Willamette Pass Ski Area or the Hoodoo Resort. Stay there or stay in any of the local hotels and motels. The good news is that there are many outstanding packages available that help to keep costs low and the excitement of the city as high as ever. Each of these ski areas offers both beginner and challenging trails. You will be able to rent equipment and take lessons as well.

In the summer months, you still will find many outdoor activities to enjoy in Bend, Oregon. A great place to start is on the water whitewater rafting. The Rogue River rafting adventure you take is sure to be amazing as it winds through 225 miles of valleys and gorges. It ends up in the Pacific Ocean at Gold Beach. The rafting takes place in the Siskiyou Mountains in the southern portion of the area. These are class III rapids, and a number of trips are available fit for anyone in your traveling party.

Another favorite summertime activity done around the city is the numerous rock climbing operations. You will find these readily available throughout the city. They allow you to take advantage of the mountains and their terrain in one of the most physically challenging ways. Still, with experts training and monitoring you, you are safe. You will experience an incredible journey to the top.

For those that still want more to do, plan a day outdoors in any of the area parks. Go horseback riding. Play a game on the expanse of open fields. Spend your evenings star gazing, a local favorite activity (you will even find groups willing to help you to perfect your gaze.) You can also enjoy local tours of the city, on foot or otherwise. They will walk you from place to place, learning the history and unique features that the location has to offer.

Indoor Activities Are Available

There are many more things to do in Bend, Oregon. You can stop by High Desert Museum for a look around. A number of exhibits are continuously on display including wildlife tours, art exhibits, cultural experiences and natural resource explorations. Group tours are readily available. Another place to stop is the Deschutes Historical Society. Here, you will learn about Bend, Oregon, its history and its people. This is a unique, hands on museum filled with excellent quality artifacts and history lessons. Visit the numerous art facilities, the Tower Theatre and performing arts centers throughout the city.

Staying and Playing

There is much to do when you visit Bend, Oregon that you may not think about where you plan to stay when you are not out playing. The good news is that there are many great hotels, motels, condominiums, and other facilities for you to stay at during your visit. Many offer the best in amenities and accommodations. After a long day on the trail, you can count on finding great food as well. All American favorites are available, plus many local dishes and international cuisine favorites. Affordable pricing is widely found throughout meals and accommodations.

If you are planning a visit to Bend, Oregon, make it one that is filled with physical activity and outdoor passion. The area features some of the best of both. Don't discount the people, places and things you will also experience here, including a range of diverse cultural groups that are willing to share the history and the interesting facts about this city from long ago.
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