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Happy Halloween
Favorite haunts for Washington ghosts
If you watch some of the TV shows that  1highlight haunted places around the country, you may have noticed that Washington state is well represented. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, there are some interesting stories emanating from locations in Washington -- just the kinds of spooky stories that will put you in the mood for the Halloween season.

Paranormal investigators are finding ghostly evidence in schools, restaurants, hospitals, saloons and various other locations. Here are a few of the more famous haunts in Washington:

Old Tacoma City Hall

This five-story building was the city hall in the early 20th Century and dates back to 1893. It's on the National Register of Historic Places and the ghosts here apparently have played pranks on people who worked in the building.

Employees are locked out of their offices, objects are hurled through the air and the bell tower rings out at all hours. Police were called in to investigate many of these disturbances but never could find a logical explanation.

Also, not far from Tacoma in Southeast King County is Black Diamond Cemetery where the locals say there have been apparitions of deceased coal miners and swinging lanterns appearing late at night in the cemetery.

Fort Vancouver

Fort Vancouver, down in Southwest Washington, is a great place to visit even if you're not looking for ghosts. This historic location was a 19th Century fur trading post that was the headquarters of the Hudson Bay Company's operations for this region. It dates way back to 1824.

People say that today Fort Vancouver is the location of a lot of paranormal activity, especially in the houses along officer's row. Investigators say a private residence, a real estate office and the Grant House Art Center and Cafe exhibit abnormal activity.

People have reported cold spots, doors that open and shut on their own and disembodied footsteps in the area.

Located in Vancouver, Washington, Fort Vancouver today has replicas of various fort buildings that are fun and educational to tour. And it's an especially great attraction for families.

Kells Irish Restaurant and Pub

Kells Irish Restaurant and Pub has been featured on the Travel Channel for its paranormal activity. Located near Pike Place Market, the pub was formerly known as Butterworth & Son's mortuary.

As you might guess, that's why people think there is a lot of paranormal activity in the building.

Visitors to the pub and restaurant have reported such things as glass breaking and hand prints on freshly cleaned windows. They've also seen glasses being removed from surfaces by unseen hands -- and they've heard disembodied voices.

University Heights

Another Seattle haunted is University Heights, a one-time school that's now a community center.

It is said to be haunted by a little boy who attended the school who is often seen and heard playing in the halls. Some have reported a whole group of children playing and laughing in the building.

Northern State Hospital

A hospital for the mentally ill, Northern State is located in Sedro Woolley and was once the largest such facility in Washington state. As you might expect, ghost-hunters claim the disturbances in the building are actually people who died in the hospital.

Many different types of apparitions have been seen, and the facility was featured on an episode of the TV program Ghost Hunters.

Oxford Saloon

Another Northwest Washington haunt is located in town of Snohomish. The Oxford Saloon also is said to be haunted and they say that customers often interact with ghosts in the saloon. It's a historic saloon dating back to 1900. Today, customers say their tables and chairs are moved and sometimes they feel a hand touching them on the shoulders.

A murder victim named Henry is said to have been spotted on the staircase. Upstairs there are still more ghosts that have been seen -- with a total of four ghosts -- they say -- still living in the building.

Mount Baker Theater

This Bellingham theater opened in 1927 and the locals say that almost from the day it opened, there have been reports of ghosts. This is a very ornate, historic building and a fun stop anytime you're in the Bellingham area. But be prepared for a very unique experience.

Visitors have reported unexplained noises, disembodied voices, cold spots, balls of light and even apparitions. It's thought that one of the resident ghosts is a young woman named Judy, who reportedly will single out theater workers by calling their name across the stage. Or they may feel something touching their backs and shoulders.

Altogether there are said to be four ghosts that paranormal investigators have discovered at the theater.
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